Safety Culture workshop

From senior management to operational personnel working at the sharp end of safety: A training for anyone who wants to understand how safety culture is present in day to day activities. If safety is a concern in your organization, this safety culture training might be of interest to you. 

A half day classroom setting workshop where participants will actively work together to understand how safety culture can be improved. No need to devote time and effort to plough through numerous safety culture literature, we’ve packed this course into a morning or afternoon filled with both hands-on discussions and workshops, and theory you can work with. 

Management commitment is the leading requirement in establishing and maintaining safety culture. Having a safety culture that embraces safety as a value does not just happen overnight; it needs to start somewhere through effort. 

Our safety culture training aims at:

  • Increasing the awareness of the effects and potential risks in the work environment
  • Develop mitigation measures to decrease the effects and potential risks within the work environment
  • Promote a solid safety culture
  • Change the attitudes and behavior of personnel and management towards safety
  • Improve safety performance
  • Ensure a safe and efficient safety process to realise production needs

If you’re interested in our safety culture training in your company, drop us a note.